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Daily Reports: Review & Edit
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Your Rhumbix Dashboard is a great space that provides a user-friendly platform for viewing and editing your Daily Reports.

To view, review, and edit a Daily Report,

  1. Log onto your Rhumbix Dashboard.

  2. Click on Daily Report under Field Forms.

  3. On the top bar, set your project and date range view. This will populate your Daily Reports for the corresponding projects in the specific date range.

  4. Click the View button to view your Daily Report.

    • Depending on the report status and your role, you may also have access to email, download, edit or delete the report.

  5. To edit, click the Edit button.

  6. Make any additions or modifications required.

  7. Click Save.

  8. If you're using the proper role and are ready to advance the Daily Report, you can approve the Daily Report and the next team member will be subsequently able to perform their actions.

You can also group the Daily Report view by using a few different pre-set filters. These can help you stay organized and find specific Daily Reports, especially if you have many in your Rhumbix Account. To select a grouping, navigate to the Daily Reports page and click the None button. This will allow you to select one of five options: Created By, Created On, Start Date, Work Location, and Classification. After selecting your grouping, select Daily Reports will populate in a convenient list view on the same page.

You can always find more information on Daily Reports on our Support Center.

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