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T&M Forms: Review, Edit, and View History
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Rhumbix provides a Dashboard platform for viewing and editing your T&M Forms. To get there, click on T&M Tracking under Field Forms.


Click on the top blue bar to access the right rail filters, allowing you to focus on the data that matters most to you.

For further view-customization, you can group the T&M Tracking view by a few different filters. To select a grouping, click the None button and select one of eight options from the list.

To view and edit a T&M Form:

  1. Click the box located to the left of the form number.

  2. Click the View button or Edit button that appear in the top action bar.

  3. Alternatively, select the hyperlink Unique ID, allowing the form to open in the same window. Then select Edit from the top action bar.

  4. Make any additions or modifications required.

  5. Click Save.

Field Form users can view the complete history of every edit made to their T&M Forms by accessing the History modal. This tool is invaluable for tracking changes and identifying who made each edit, thereby enhancing visibility and streamlining communication.

To access the History modal, navigate to your T&M Tracking page, click on a box in the left column, and select "History" in the blue action bar


This will then populate a list of the history of edits for that T&M Form with all the information you’ll need!

Please visit one of the three below articles for details on approvals and actions available at each status.

You can always find more information on T&M Forms here on our Support Center.

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