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Daily Report: Approvals Workflow
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The Rhumbix Daily Report can move through several stages of approvals. These approvals are Draft, Submitted, Verified, Completed, and Shared.

  • Daily Reports with statuses in Draft, Submitted, Verified, or Completed move a report along internally while it's under review.

  • Daily Reports in the final status, Shared, indicates that a report has been shared externally with your GC and/or other parties.

To change the status of a Daily Report:

  1. Log onto Rhumbix Dashboard.

  2. Click on "Daily Report" under Field Forms.

  3. Select the report(s) you want to approve by selecting the check-box on the left-hand side.

  4. Click Actions at the top.

  5. Select your new status to assign to the Daily Report.

For your convenience, here is a grid of the available actions and status change permissions per role. Pro-Tip: Right-Click on the image below, Click on "Open Image in New Tab," hover over the image and the cursor will turn into a magnifying glass, and click to zoom in.


You can always find more information on Daily Reports on our Support Center.

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