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T&M Forms: Approve Workflow for Subcontractors in a GC > Owner Project Share Configuration
T&M Forms: Approve Workflow for Subcontractors in a GC > Owner Project Share Configuration
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Rhumbix allows T&M Forms to be shared in a workflow from the Subcontractor to the General Contractor (GC) to the Owner. As a T&M Form moves its way through the approval process in this unique workflow, Subcontractors, GCs, and Owners will have different actions they can take. These actions vary depending on how far along the T&M Form has gone through the workflow chain.

  • The Subcontractor is able to move tags to the Draft, Sub Submitted, Sub Field Approved and Submitted to GC statuses.

  • Once the form has been Submitted to GC, the GC is able to move tags to the GC Approved, GC Rejected and Submitted to Owner statuses.

    • In cases where the Owner does not need to verify a ticket, the GC can move a ticket to GC Closed Approved or GC Closed Rejected statuses.

  • Once Submitted to Owner, the Owner can move the ticket Owner Verified, Owner Rejected, or Owner Declined, which will then send the ticket back to the GC.

  • From there the GC can close the tickets to GC Closed Approved or GC Closed Rejected.

For your convenience, please see below for a grid of the available actions and statuses at each stage for each company type and role. Pro-Tip: Right-Click on the image below, Click on "Open Image in New Tab," hover over the image and the cursor will turn into a magnifying glass, and click to zoom in.


To change the status of a T&M Tag:

  1. Log into Rhumbix Dashboard.

  2. Under "Field Forms," click on T&M Tracking view.

  3. Select the report(s) you want to take action on by selecting the check-box on the left-hand side.

  4. Click your new status. This will change the status of the T&M Form and notify the next user in the workflow chain.

  5. Once the ticket reaches the owner account, the action bar will show options unique for the owner. Follow the same workflow and select the next status in the action bar.

The Subcontractors Standalone Workflow and GC Share Workflow instructions can be found in the respective links.

You can always find more information on T&M Forms here on our Support Center.

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