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T&M Forms: Markups
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T&M users who have elected to have pricing enabled can add markup percentages to their labor, equipment, and material costs. Markups can be used to add new charges and cost adjustments to a T&M Form. Our Markup feature can be applied individually to each form, or set with default values at the project level to automatically apply onto all subsequent forms.

This guide will provide insight on how to add markups on individual forms and set default markups on the project level.

Labor, Equipment, and Material Markups


When filling out T&M Forms, users will see fields to apply markups for the Labor, Equipment, and Materials sections. Each section will have its own set of markups, allowing users to apply them individually.

You can categorize your markups into six different types, each with their own fields to enter percentages:

  • Overhead

  • Profit

  • Taxes

  • Fees

  • Insurance

  • Bond

For example, if an employee has 2 hours of Standard Time at a rate of $10.00 per hour, the labor total is $20.00. If the overhead markup is set to 25%, the overhead cost is $5, adjusting the total labor cost to $25.


Setting Default Markups

Users can also activate default markups at the project level for their T&M Forms. By setting markups at the project level, all subsequent T&M Forms will have the default markup values automatically applied when a new form is created. The default values can be set for labor, equipment, and/or material markups.

To set default markups:

  1. Click on Company Settings > Project > Modify for the project you want.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Modify Project menu and select "Enable Markup for T&M" to turn on default markups.


  3. Check off the box next to Labor, Equipment, and/or Materials. This will activate default markups for the respective section.

  4. Enter the markup percentage value.

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

One thing to note, our T&M form allows users to enter "non-standard" materials and equipment. We do not have the ability to calculate markups on "non-standard" items. If you need a markup on these items, you will need to include all markups in the price of that item or set the item up as a standard piece of material or equipment in your Rhumbix platform.

You can always find more information on T&M Forms here on our Support Center.

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