Production Tracking data is gathered and measured under the Production tab within a time card entered on the Mobile App. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to add Quantities via the Rhumbix Mobile App.

Add quantities on the Rhumbix App:

  1. Create or open up an existing time card.

  2. Select Production on the top center.

  3. The Cost Codes added to the time card will appear in list form.

  4. Enter the Discrete Quantity for each cost code.

    • Quantities: Enter your total quantities on that day. Make sure that you are reporting quantities based on the noted unit.

    • Your remaining quantity will automatically populate if your cost code already has that data entered into your account. If not, you will have to enter it.

    • Clicking “Add Details”: You can add the location, pictures, and additional description for the cost code production.

NOTE: Users can also add a Cost Code from the Production tab by clicking “Add Cost Code” at the bottom of the page.

You can always find more information on Production Tracking in our Support Center.

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