Rhumbix Data Explorer offers the ability to create and customize reports and dashboards to answer users’ critical business questions quickly. All data in Rhumbix can be brought together for self-serve customizable analytics on the platform.

With Rhumbix Data Explorer, users can:

  • Access and build dashboards tailored to their unique data needs.

  • Build dashboards or reports using existing templates or start from scratch.

  • Organize dashboards or reports into folders.

  • Roll out and collaborate on custom dashboards across the company.

  • Schedule Alerts and reports for critical business needs.


Data Explorer Components:

  1. Field Picker: Choose required fields from the field picker.

  2. Filters section: Filters let you restrict the data you view to items of interest.

  3. Visualization section: Data Explorer has many visualizations you can use to make sense of your data. Each type of visualization has different settings that you can use to customize its appearance.

  4. Data/Results section: This is used to view the query results

  5. Explore action: This button allows you to access features like downloading, saving, etc.

  6. Folder management: This button is used to access saved Dashboards/Looks and Rhumbix templates.

There are three folders to share and access Dashboards/Looks:

  • Personal: Restricted access specific to a user.

  • Group: Access for all Data Explorer users.

  • Shared: Access to Rhumbix templates to build and customize reports and dashboards.

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You can always find more information on Data Explorer in our Support Center.

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