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Timekeeping: Weekly View Find
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When working with time cards in Rhumbix’s Weekly View Dashboard, Timekeeping customers can utilize the Find feature to help organize and target their search when viewing all time cards in a week. This enables users to identify all cells containing search criteria, such as Shift Extra, Absences, and more.

Navigate to the Time Cards Dashboard and select Weekly View.

To use the Find Feature:

1. Click Find in the taskbar at the top of the page. A drop-down menu and text box will appear just below the taskbar. The drop-down menu will provide a list of different search options. (e.g., Employee, Project, Cost Code, Comment, etc.) The default selection is Employee.

2. After selecting a search option, the default in the text box will be set to “Any Employee.” Users can type the employee's name in the text box to narrow the search. The results provide all weekly view items for the searched employee (i.e., Hours, Shift Extras, etc.) This is shown with highlighted cells.

3. The Find feature is a sticky filter, meaning you can scroll from week to week, and the Find criteria will continue to apply. Users can clear the Find criteria by unchecking the Filter Results box, which resets the results to display all timekeeping data.

4. To jump to different results, users can use the arrow keys on the top right to go back and forth between the highlighted cells.

The Find Feature helps narrow down time cards with shift extras and absences. By highlighting the cells, users no longer need to rely on locating the small icons on each time card. Find will locate those time cards quickly and easily.

You can always find more information about Weekly View on our Support Center.

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