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Timekeeping: Right Rail Filters and Saved Filters
Timekeeping: Right Rail Filters and Saved Filters
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When navigating time cards in Weekly View, Timekeeping customers can save their most commonly used filters using the Save Filter feature in the right rail.

Navigate to the Time Cards Dashboard and select Weekly View.

Open the Modify Filters Right Rail by clicking on the blue filter bar at the top of the page.

Here, the user will see the different filter options that can be used to modify the time card information the user will see.

To save a commonly used filter view:

1. Modify any of the following filters that you need

Project Status: Select Active or Inactive

Projects: Enter the Name or Project Number of the Project

Time Card Owner: Select the user who created the time card (Previously Foreman)

Trade & Classification: Assigned to team members under Company Settings

Employee: Drop-down list of all the employees the user has access to

Status: Drop-down list of all the time card status options

2. Once all the filters have been set, click Save New Filter at the top of the right rail.

3. A text box will appear where the user can create the Name of the Saved Filter. Click Save New Filter.

4. The Saved Filter the user created will now appear as an option at the top of the Right Rail.

5. Clicking the arrow next to the saved filter will display all the set filter options.

6. You can update any saved filters by selecting the filter and revising any of the filter options. Click Update Filter.

7. To reset the filter options, click Clear Filters.

8. Once the user has selected their preferred saved filter, the filter options will automatically populate. Click Apply at the bottom of the right rail to have the time card results filtered.

There is no limit to the number of saved filters the user can create. Users will only be able to view the saved filters they have created.

You can always find more information about Weekly View on our Support Center.

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