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Timekeeping: Shift Extras & Absences
Timekeeping: Shift Extras & Absences

How to enter Shift Extras & Absences in Time Cards

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Once a time card entry has been started under the Timekeeping tab, users must fill out the hours, shift extras, or absences.

To Assign Shift Extras

Rhumbix’s standard shift extras are Reimbursement, Per Diem, and Equipment-Tracking. We can also offer custom shift extras. If interested, please reach out to your Rhumbix Representative.

1. The time card owner must select the tab for the shift extra they wish to add to the time card.

2. Click + Add Row

3. Fill out the required information, which can include Cost Codes, Employees, Status, etc.

To Assign Absences

When an employee is absent for a shift, time card owners can assign an absence for that employee. There are different absences, and Rhumbix allows Admins to create customized absences.

Once a user has opened the time entry dialog box, they can assign an absence.

1. Select the Absence tab towards the top of the dialog box.

2. Click + Add Row.

3. Fill in columns for Employee, (Absence) Type, Project, and Status.

4. Click Submit to save and submit the work shift.

Once a user has completed an entry and clicked Submit, a confirmation box will appear, where users can verify all timekeeping information is correct. Click Confirm.

Users can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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