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Managing Shift & Breaks in the Mobile App

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Timekeeping users can easily track start and end times for shifts, meals, and breaks within time cards. This quick-start guide will introduce users to managing shift and break start and end time entries for the Rhumbix Web App.

How to Add Shifts & Breaks

Once a time card is set up on mobile, users can add start and end times for the shift and any breaks taken.

NOTE: The Start and End Times on the Time Card screen are for reference only, and DO NOT transfer to the employee details.

After clicking Next on the time card creation flow, users must enter the time card details. This is where they will enter the Shifts and Break information.

Scroll down to Shift to begin entering Shift information.

NOTE: A Break cannot be entered without first entering a Shift. A Break’s Start/Stop time MUST fall within the Start/Stop time entered for the Shift.

Enter the Start/Stop times from the date and time scroll. Click SAVE.

Once a Shift time is entered, users can now enter Breaks.

Select the Break Type (Break or Meal) and click APPLY.

Enter the Start/Stop times from the date and time scroll. Click SAVE.

The duration of the Break or Meal will automatically display beside the Stop Time.

NOTE: Breaks and Meals do not have to be entered in any specific order. If a user requires more entries for Breaks, click ADD BREAKS to add more rows.

After all Breaks have been entered, click SAVE CHANGES.

The Time Card Details Screen will display when Shifts and Breaks have been added to a time entry.

Bulk Shifts and Breaks

If all your employees have the same Shift and Break times, that data can be added to all employees on the time card using the Bulk Select workflow.

To do this, click SELECT in the top right corner.

Users can then select each employee individually or select all by clicking SELECT ALL at the bottom of the screen.

Once all employees have been selected, users will see verification for the number of employees selected. Click ADJUST WORKER(S).

This will open the Bulk Entry Screen. Here users will enter all Hours, Shift Extras, Shift and Breaks associated with the crew of employees.

Entering the Shift and Breaks is similar to entering them for an individual employee, described above.

After entering all the Shift and Breaks data for the crew of employees, click SAVE CHANGES.

To submit the time card, click SUBMIT WORKSHIFT.

Users will be asked to confirm creating a new time card for the referenced date. Click Yes.

This will return the user to the Time Card Summary screen, displaying each employee's timekeeping details.

NOTE: If a user Duplicates a time card with Shift and Breaks data, ALL the Shift and Break data will also be copied to the new time card.

Users can also add Shifts and Breaks when editing a time card.

Users can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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