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Mobile Timekeeping Bulk Edit
Mobile Timekeeping Bulk Edit
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When editing your timecard you can bulk edit the timecard. We have now introduced the ability to change individual values on the timecard while leaving the other values the untouched.

In order to bulk edit a time card you can utilize the Bulk Edit button in the top Right hand Corner of the screen.

Next select the timecards that you would like to modify then click "Adjust __ Workers", or simply select the Yellow "Select All" button at the bottom of the screen if you need to modify all timecards. In the example above you can see that the first two timecards have varying hours between them.

After clicking "Adjust 2 Worker(s)" button I am able to begin bulk modification of the values for the selected workers.

Of the timecards selected, the values that vary between timecards will display a "Mixed" value. If you want to override the mixed values to a unified value simply overwrite the word "Mixed" with the value you desire to be applied to the selected timecards. If additions are need just simply make those additions and they will be added to all time cards. The same applies for adjustments with same values just simply over write to the desired value for the selected time card.

Once adjustments are completed click "Save Changes".

Upon saving you will be presented with a confirmation message confirming your changes and asking if you would like to proceed with the changes. Click "Proceed" if you want your changes to be accepted or "Cancel" if you would like to change the values. Additionally to fully exit from any changes made you can simply use the "Cancel" button in top left corner of the time entry screen.

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