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Field Form Right Rail
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Rhumbix Field Forms allows you to Bulk Edit, Bundle, Share, and Update the Status of your forms from a Right Rail feature. The Right Rail allows you to see your form(s) without opening your forms in a new tab, increasing your Field Form efficiency as an organization.

To get there,

  1. click on your desired form under Field Forms.

  2. Set your filters.

  3. Select the form(s) you want to see and click the View button or the Edit button.

    View Button:

    Edit Button:

  4. To navigate between forms, you can utilize the left and right arrows located in the upper right-hand corner of the Right Rail.

  5. To expand or contract the Right Rail simply click and hold the left edge of the Right Rail and move it to the left or right to suit visual preference.

  6. When finished viewing your forms simply select the Done button at the bottom left of the Right Rail to return to your Field Form list view.

To learn how to conduct Bulk Actions within your Field Forms, read the Field Form Bulk Actions: Web article that is available by following the link. Also, you can always find more information on our Field Forms here in our Support Center.

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