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Enabling Notifications for Field Forms
Enabling Notifications for Field Forms
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Team Members with user roles of Admin, Payroll Admin, or PM can receive email alerts when a new Field Form has been created or when a status is changed on an existing Field Form.

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By default, T&M forms and Daily Construction Reports are set up for email notifications. A user with the role of Admin must configure what other forms are configured to send notifications.

To Activate emails for a Field Form (Admin Role User):

An ADMIN user must configure this section.

Emails for Field Forms starting with "T&M Tracking" are automatically enabled.

- Navigate to the Field Forms Dashboard under Company Settings in the left sidebar.

- Toggle the "Notifications" switch next to the form for which you wish to enable email alerts.

Setting up Email Alerts (Admin, Payroll Admin, PM Users):

After notifications have been enabled, Admin, Payroll Admin, and PM users have the option to subscribe to receive updates when a form is created and/or when a form status is updated.

  • Access the Email Alerts page under User Settings to manage subscriptions based on Project/Group assignments.

  • The opt-in for this is at the T&M or 'Other Form' level. 'Other Form' encompasses ALL Field Forms, with the exception of T&M, associated with the selected Project or Group.

  • You can efficiently Opt In/Opt Out for alerts from multiple Projects simultaneously by utilizing the multi-select feature and the blue action bar above.

  • Leverage the filters on the Email Alerts page to streamline the process of filtering by Group or Project, making it easier to locate the right settings

Employees can also be subscribed/unsubscribed to emails via the Public API. See for more information:

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