Versjon 6

Hva er nytt i versjon 6 og hvordan oppgradere?

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Local weights and dimensions

All weights and dimensions used in Wildrobot settings and shipping method now uses your local Woocommerce weight or dimension unit. So if you measure by MM or weight by GRAMS, this should not be a problem anymore.

Example on override order, where you can NOW override in whatever unit is local for you.

Example from override order, where you can NOW override in whatever unit is local for you.

Renamed menu items

Menu "Transport" renamed to "Leverings innstillinger". Added a new page where called "Plukk and levering".

Pick and delivery

A new screen where you can manage orders that needs to be delivered.


= 6.0.0 =
* BREAKING All weight settings are now set in your Woocommerce local weight. If you are not useing KG and CM you MUST adjust your settings.
* BREAKING Changed most slugs from logistra-robots to wildrobot-logistra. Will effect translations.

* NEW Menu name "Transport" renamed to "Leverings innstillinger"
* NEW Pick and delivery screen to manage orders that needs to be delivered. Named "Plukk og levering".
* NEW Supports multiple shipping methods on orders.
* NEW Users without admin rights are able to set user spesific printer.
* NEW Connect to dev enviroment for dev, test og staging sites. Contact us.
* NEW Possibility to override DHL order values.
* NEW All weights and dimensions are now be denominated in your local woocommerce units and converted accordently.
* NEW Multiple performance enhancedments.
* NEW Add max_length, max_height, max_width on shipping method so it will be removed if any product in cart exceeds one of these dimensions.

* REMOVE Setting manual pickup in general settings
* REMOVE Leverings log view has been removed.

* FIX Adding new cards
* FIX More accurate calculation of combined volume of items.

Filter renamed
* logistra-robots-consignment-consignee-mobile => wildrobot_logistra_parts_cosignee_mobile
* logistra-robots-consignment-consignee-email => wildrobot_logistra_parts_cosignee_email
* logistra_robots_parts_cosignee_name => wildrobot_logistra_parts_cosignee_name
* logistra_robots_parts_cosignee_address1 => wildrobot_logistra_parts_cosignee_address1
* logistra_robots_parts_cosignee_country => wildrobot_logistra_parts_cosignee_country
* logistra_robots_parts_cosignee_phone => wildrobot_logistra_parts_cosignee_phone
* logistra_robots_parts_cosignee_mobile => wildrobot_logistra_parts_cosignee_mobile
* logistra_robots_parts_cosignee_country = wildrobot_logistra_consignment_country

New filters
* wildrobot_logistra_avaiable_service_partners, filter availability of service partners (pickuppoints).

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