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How to make a windscreen or glass damage claim
How to make a windscreen or glass damage claim

Windscreen or glass damage

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It's very simple to make a windscreen or glass damage claim! πŸ˜…

For Policies starting with a ROO-CAR and with a solely numerical Certificate Number, please contact Autoglass on:

  • 0800 032 3522. You will need to pay Β£95 towards replacing your windscreen or Β£25 towards repairing your windscreen - we will pay the rest πŸŽ‰

For Policies staring with a ROO-TEL and with a Certificate Number starting with an M, please contact Auto Windscreen on:

  • 0344 873 8183 You will need to pay Β£100 towards replacing your windscreen and it won't cost you anything if you just need your windscreen repaired πŸŽ‰

There are other terms within your policy document handbook if you need to refer to anything more specific e.g. if your vehicle is fitted with an ADAS, or if you'd prefer to use your own supplier. Anything you're unsure about please just come on our Live Chat via the app or the website to speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Team. 😎

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