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How to Remove (withdraw) money from your child's account
How to Remove (withdraw) money from your child's account
How can I remove money from my child's account?
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A remove is a one-off debit

So, if you’re out at the shops and your kids want to get a magazine, present for their friend, or something else - you can check the app, see how much pocket money they have and they can decide if they really want it. If they do, you can ‘remove’ the money and hand them the cash.

Easier for you, empowering for them!

You can quickly make a Remove from the Family Dashboard by using the minus (-) sign next to your child's profile and can even type in a reason why the Remove is being made. 

You can also make a Remove directly from your child's Spend, Save or Give pot. Tap on the quick actions icon (...) in the bottom right corner, and you'll see options to Remove and Boost directly from/into that pot, or make a Transfer to elsewhere. 

How you choose to use Remove is up to you, and your kids can easily keep track of what removes were made and the reason why, by viewing their History by tapping the total amount at the top of the screen.

Question: Can I make the same Remove to several children at the same time?

Answer: Yes you can! When you are making a Remove for a child, when you get to the 'Remove details' (after you've selected the amount), you will see the text 'Remove from multiple kids?' Tap on that and you'll be taken to a screen where you can select extra kids to make the Remove from as well!

Question: Oops! I've made a mistake. Can I change the details for the Remove I've made?

Answer: Unfortunately you can't make a change to a Remove after it's been made. If you've under paid, you can always make a Boost to make up the extra amount you need!

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