Want to set jobs for your kids to earn that bit extra outside of their regular allowance?

To add an Extra Job:

  1. click on the Jobs icon in the top right corner of your child's dashboard (mop and bucket icon)
  2. From you child's Jobs dashboard, switch to the Extra jobs tab next to Allowance Jobs
  3. Tap the Plus (+) icon in the bottom right corner to add your Extra Job

In the Job details section, you'll have the options to:

  • add the amount your child can earn for completing the job
  • choose the job to be due on a certain date
  • set the job as a one off 
  • or set to have the job repeat daily, weekly or monthly

A few things to note: 

  • Extra jobs work slightly differently from allowance jobs just now, in that only one instance of the job will ever appear on your child's job lists. So If you set it to repeat daily for example, you will see 'today's' job, but the next day it won't become overdue but reset to the new current day's job. This means you can't approve a job that's in the past.
  • When you have approved a repeating extra job, it will disappear off your child's 'To do' for that day and re-appear the next day. As a parent it will re-appear on the list again. This is because you can make edits to Extra Jobs, such as changing its frequency, so it's kept on the list in case you want to make changes. You can view the 'Done in last 7 days' section at the bottom to see what jobs you've recently approved.
  • When clicking to approve an extra job, you can adjust the job amount by using the plus and minus icons next to the job amount. This can come in handy if you want to give them a bonus, or they didn't do as great a quality job so you aren't giving them the full amount!

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