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Options for scheduling chores
Options for scheduling chores

Find out how to set up daily, weekly (you can set chores to be weekday or weekend only too!), monthly and any-day chores.

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When adding a chore for your child, you can set the chore to be repeating, or as a one off on a specific due date.

When scheduling a chore to repeat, you have the following options available:

1. Daily - you can choose for the chore to be scheduled everyday, or you can choose to have it repeat every 2 days or every 3 days. These latter options can be useful if you want to rotate the responsibilities amongst your children. If You choose every 2 or 3 days, you can choose what day you want the chore to appear from.

2. Weekly - you can choose for the chore to repeat each allowance period (if your child has an allowance set) or each week (if your child has no scheduled allowance) on specific days of the week.

3. Monthly - you can choose for the chore to repeat on a certain day of the month (e.g. the 1st Monday).

If you do not want the chore to repeat, you can either choose to set a due date using the calendar, or you can choose not to set a schedule and have the chore appear on your child’s list to be completed Any day - this is the default.

To help keep chores in the order of when you want your child to do them, you also have the option to choose the time of day you want the chore done by. It currently defaults to Any time, but you can choose for the chore to be done by the Morning, Afternoon or Evening.

Your child’s chores list will then be ordered from Morning to Evening with anytime chores listed after the ones with a time of day.

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