Your launchcode is a unique identifier to your Roqqett account which contains no personal information. You can share your launchcode anywhere to get paid, without having to worry about giving out your phone number, email address, or bank details. You can pay other people's launchcodes right from the app, by hitting the blue Roqqett button.

How do I get a launchcode?

You can create your launchcode from the profile screen once you've signed up and connected a bank account. You choose a string of letters, and we'll assign a hashtag and a few random numbers to make sure its unique. For example, entering 'Dan' will generate a launchcode with the format: 'Dan#1234'. Once you've made your launchcode, its yours and only yours!

First, tap on the little person icon top right to open your profile screen:

Then tap on 'Create launchcode' and follow the instructions:

Please be aware that once you've chosen your launchcode it can only be changed by contacting Roqqett support.

Get the Roqqett app:

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