1. Go to Sketch
  2. Select the artboard you want to use
  3. Go to Plugins, then Camera Exporter

Need help?

Nothing happens when I press the keyboard shortcut in Sketch

  • The shortcut may be taken by another app. Try going to the Plugins menu and pick Camera Exporter
  • Make sure you select the artboard you want to use

How do I get the Sketch plugin?

If Design Camera is installed, the Sketch plugin is also installed.

How do I make my top-level layers float in 3D space?

Go to the Looks sidebar and adjust Artboard levitation

How do I control which layers get to float in 3D space?

Design Camera uses the top-level layers of the artboard you select. You can group layers together to have them stick together in 3D space.

I don't seem to have the plugin?

If you've already run Design Camera at least once, and still don't see the plugin in Sketch, try and restart Sketch, and the plugin should show up. 

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