Update Rowan Patents

Rowan Patents can be kept up-to-date automatically, letting you access each new feature and improvement as soon as we release it.

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Checking Your Installed Version

The version of Rowan Patents installed on your computer is displayed on the landing screen, as well as in the Help menu of any open Rowan Patents window.

Installing an Update

If a new version has been released while you've been working in Rowan Patents, a notice will appear in the landing screen.

Your update will download and install automatically the next time you start Rowan Patents. Update progress will be displayed as a progress bar during installation.

Postponing an Update

To skip the update and launch your currently-installed version, click the “Cancel” option displayed above the update status bar.

The update will be postponed until your next session.

Fresh Installations

Should something go wrong with your installation or an update, a full installation of the latest release can be downloaded from your organization’s landing page, typically available at https://rowanpatents.com/[yourcompany]/

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