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Run Local Validations

Perform quick local checks for antecedent basis, claim support, profanity, and acronym definitions without accessing cloud-based analytics.

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  1. Select Local Validations... under the Tools menu (or the Review menu).

  2. Click to select/deselect checkboxes controlling which validations to run.

  3. If desired, select a desired profanity list from the dropdown provided.

    NOTE: Local antecedent basis checks are performed based on terms identified in the Terms Manager. If no terms are defined, these checks will not be available.

    NOTE: Claim support checks require a minimum word count for the drafted specification. The checks cannot be run if your specification has fewer than 500 words.

  4. Click "Analyze" to run validations and receive an issue count.

  5. Click "Show Results" to populate comments indicating detected issues.

    Controls are provided to navigate between and remove comments. Labels are used to distinguish proofreading comment types:

    - Antecedent Basis comments are marked “AB”.
    - Indefinite Acronym comments are marked "IA".
    - Patent Profanity comments are marked “PP”.
    - Unsupported Claim comments are marked “UC”.

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