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Export to Word (.docx) with Review Content

Export your application text, including highlighting, comments, and suggested text markup.

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Note that this Word file will not be suitable for filing at the patent office, and is for communication, review, and archival purposes only.

Before you export, you may want to change the page size or customize Word styles.

  1. Select the Export option from the File menu OR press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+E on your keyboard.

  2. Check the Specification (Marked Up) option in the Export Dialog.

    Note that the export dialog only shows the options applicable to your current application content.

  3. To export the specification, claims, and/or abstract as individual files in addition to or instead of a single complete file, click the desired options in the dropdown to the right.

  4. Click the Export button.

  5. Choose where and how to save your export file(s) using your operating system's save dialog.

    Note that any and all of the available options may be selected for export in a single operation. Multiple documents will be exported as a single a compressed (.zip) file.

  6. Review the Export Summary provided. Click OK to dismiss it or click the Show in Filesystem link to immediately access your exported file(s).

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