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Enter and Exit Suggesting Mode

Use suggesting mode to make text change suggestions while preserving the text as drafted.

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  1. To enter Suggesting mode, click the Drafting/Suggesting dropdown at the left end of the toolbar and select the Suggesting option.

    Being in Suggesting mode is similar to having Track Changes turned on in Word. Changes made to the application text will be marked up using highlighting, underlining, and strikethrough.

    Mulitple users can make suggestions on the same document. Comments to the right will be used to indicate which user made which suggestions.

    Note that changes that would disrupt existing application sections, such as adding drawing figures or claims, will not be available in Suggesting mode. We recommend using comments and existing application sections to suggest additional figures, figure modifications, and claim additions or deletions.

  2. To exit Suggesting mode and re-enter Drafting mode, click the dropdown again and select the Drafting option.

    Clicking the Drafting mode button is similar to turning off Track Changes in Word. Suggested text changes will remain visibly marked up. Functionality not available in Suggesting mode will be provided again in Drafting mode.

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