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Make Text Suggestions

Suggest changes to application text using suggestion markup. It works like Word's Track Changes but is available right in Rowan Patents.

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  1. Open the desired application.

  2. Enter Suggesting mode using the toolbar option.

  3. Place your cursor at the desired location, in the desired existing section.

  4. Select, type, backspace, and delete as desired to suggest text changes. Your changes will be reflected by highlighting, underlining, and strikethrough.

    Comments will also appear, indicating which user made the text suggestions, allowing you to track feedback from mulitple reviewers.

    Note that changes that would disrupt existing application sections, such as adding drawing figures or claims, will not be available in Suggesting mode. We recommend using comments and existing application sections to suggest additional figures, figure modifications, and claim additions or deletions.

  5. Exit Suggesting mode using the toolbar option to return to the normal Drafting mode.

    More information is provided on navigating, accepting, and rejecting text suggestions in additional articles.

  6. Save your file to preserve your text suggestions.

  7. If desired, export a Word (.docx) file with review content. Your text suggestion markup will be displayed as Tracked Changes in the exported file.

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