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Remove or Apply Paragraph Numbers

Here's how to toggle Rowan's automatic paragraph numbering for filings that don't use paragraph numbering, or for any other reason.

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  1. In the main application window, place your cursor in or select the numbered paragraph(s) for which you wish to change the numbering attribute.

    You may use Ctrl+A (Cmd-A in Macs) to select all paragraphs within a specification section. To change multiple sections, you will need to visit each section in turn.

  2. Click the Number Paragraphs control in the toolbar

    OR click the Number Paragraphs control dropdown

    Note that you can use the Edit Document Styles option to remove numbering from the numbered paragraph style altogether if you wish for no numbered paragraphs in your specification.

    Options to set paragraph styles as Normal or Numbered Paragraph are also available in the toolbar and Specification menu.

  3. Paragraph numbering will be removed from selected numbered paragraph(s) or applied to selected unnumbered paragraphs, based on what you have selected.

    Note that if you select a mixture of numbered and unnumbered paragraphs, the Numbered Paragraphs control will apply numbering to all selected paragraphs.

  4. ​Any numbered paragraphs subsequent to the modified selection will be automatically renumbered.

  5. A new paragraph created by typing Enter after an existing paragraph will retain the style of its preceding paragraph.

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