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This article covers the following topics:

  • Get Help through the Help Menu

  • Get Help from the Landing Screen

Get Help through the Help Menu

  1. In any Rowan Patents window, select Rowan Patents Help from the Help menu.

  2. Our help interface will open on the right-side of your window.

  3. Use this interface to search our library of help articles or speak to our support team to ask questions, provide feedback, or report issues.

​Get Help from the Landing Screen

  1. In the Rowan Patents landing screen, click on the desired help option, either Patent Application Help or Office Action Response Help.

  2. Select from among the options provided, including:

    1. Links to topical article collections in our Intercom Help Center library

    2. Contact Support - send an email to

    3. Rowan Patents Help - Open the Intercom help interface, as seen above

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