Recover Autosaved Files

Rowan Patents autosaves as you work so that you can recover files if your system crashes or you have to force-quit our platform.

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  1. Draft your application at your own pace. Rowan Patents continuously autosaves in the background.

    Note that we still recommend that you save often, as a best practice.

  2. If your system crashes, or Rowan Patents stalls and you have to force it to quit using your operating system's task management features, restart your system and/or your Rowan Patents platform.

  3. When Rowan Patents restarts, you'll be presented with a recovery file and a File recovered message.

  4. Click OK in the message dialog.

  5. Save your recovered file to ensure you've captured all of your latest edits.

  6. Continue drafting your application.

    Note that if you choose to close a file and click the "Discard Changes" option in the confirmation dialog, your background autosaved changes are also discarded, and cannot be recovered.

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