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Request and Incorporate Feedback with Word

Here's how to leverage Rowan export and import features to integrate seamlessly with your existing feedback workflows that rely on Word.

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  1. Save your file once you're ready to send it out for feedback.

  2. Export your file as a .docx file, either as clean text or text with review content (comments, highlighting, and text markup), as needed.

  3. Provide your exported .docx file to your reviewers, requesting that they make sure to use Word's commenting and Track Changes features.

    Note that at this stage, you're working with a standard Word .docx file, and can provide it as an email attachment, save it to a shared storage area, or work in collaborative document management environments such as Teams.

  4. Once you receive or have access to reviewed .docx file(s) containing comments and tracked changes, drag and drop to merge these files into the .rp file saved in step 1.

    Note that updating your application draft in the interim could prevent a clean import of some or all reviewer feedback. We recommend you save a new copy and consider working in Suggesting Mode so that you can easily locate and incorporate your updates along with other feedback.

  5. Where changes in the Word file(s) cannot be applied in Rowan Patents, a .docx file including just these changes will be created for your further review.

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