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Data Security

Protecting your proprietary IP is priority one. Here’s how Rowan Patents keeps your data secure.

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We know that trust is at the core of your business. Clients trust you to keep their intellectual property privileged and secure, so we work tirelessly to ensure the security of data handled in our integrated drafting environment.

We’ve architected Rowan Patents to keep you in full control of your data. Your files are stored on your hard drive or in your content management system of choice. Your data is only sent to the cloud when you explicitly invoke an operation that relies on cloud computing.

For these operations, we follow industry-standard best practices for data security, such as TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA with P-256, and AES_256_GCM or encryption/authentication of equal or greater strength. Your data remains encrypted during transmission and while being processed by our servers.

Results of cloud computing operations are returned to your system for display and are not stored on our servers. All data storage on our servers is ephemeral. Any of your data brought onto our servers will be erased no more than 24 hours after invoked operations are complete.

Preparation Module Data Security

Only two functions in our Preparation module invoke cloud computing operations:

  • Launch Analytics

  • Rowan AI Chat (available only on request)

Both of these features are configurable to not be available in your organization.

Prosecution Module Data Security

Package generation in the Prosecution module is a multi-step process requiring user validation at each step. Patent matter data imported by the user or retrieved from the USPTO's Patent Center is stored within the file itself, which is saved in your designated directory.

The Prosecution module may optionally access Office action shell templates stored in the cloud on behalf of your organization. These templates do not contain any patent matter data; they are Word documents that store the formatting and boilerplate Office action response text preferred by your organization.

During package generation, the Prosecution module inserts relevant patent matter data into your selected shell template. This is delivered as part of the package stored in your designated file location, all within the application running on your desktop.

Contact Us with Your Questions

We are happy to answer your technical questions in detail. Please contact your Rowan Patents account manager for more information or to set up a meeting between us and your IT security personnel.

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