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A sneak peek at the biggest features we're releasing in December 2023

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New Landing Screen

The first window you see when you open Rowan Patents is getting a makeover. You'll still be able to start new files and open your existing work here, but we've added a few support features, and we're starting to make room for future functionality.

New List Style Controls Available in Styles Editor

Our new Styles Editor functionality has gotten an upgrade. You'll be able to make font, spacing, and alignment/indentation changes to bulleted and numbered list styles. Look for the Styles Editor under the Specification > Format menu.

New Sheets Panel

The figure navigation features in the Drawing Tool left-hand sidebar have been expanded and improved to include Sheet Sorter functionality AND MORE.

You'll be able to:

  • Click a thumbnail to bring that sheet to the canvas with the first figure selected

  • Click a figure number to bring the sheet with that figure selected to the canvas

  • Click for menus to access sheet and figure operations

  • Click the add control available on hover between sheets to add a new sheet there

  • Click, Ctrl+Click/Cmd-Click, and Shift+Click to select and multi-select sheets

  • Click the drag handle to move ONE OR MORE sheets (along with their corresponding detailed description specification sections) to:

    • a different location in the same application OR

    • a different application AND

    • Part numbering for autonumbered figures will be updated accordingly

Note that, for now, the Sheet Sorter isn't going anywhere, but we think you'll love the new capabilities available in the Sheets panel, and we encourage you to work with it, suggest improvements, and be prepared for retirement of the Sheet Sorter view in the future.

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