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Save time by allowing your collaborators to have access to the right information from the start.

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There are a variety of situations where you will prefer that the right person has access to the right information without having to get it from you. Depending on the purpose and who it is, you have the option to allow access to your information on RSVP through a few different means.

For Organizations

If you are an event organizer with multiple core team members or a restaurant, you may want to allow the team to have access to all events and / or restaurants attached to your organization.ย 

In the RSVP admin, click on the Profile Settings tab and select the organization you want. You will see a number of subsections.

Click on the Add Collaborators section to expand it. There, you will see all users with permission to that organization. To add a new user, click "Add User Access." A new box will appear where you can enter the email address and corresponding level of access.

Note: The level of access you give a user here applies to all events tied to that organization.

Our system will send your new collaborator an email to accept the invitation. Once they have created a user account, they will be able to access the dashboard by visiting or by clicking Login > Organizer.

For Individual Events

You may have someone helping you for a single event with an area like Check-In but not have the ability to manage guests and sales. In this case, you would only allow them access to a specific event with limited permissions.

ย 1. Go to the RSVP admin and select the event you want

2. Click "Edit Event" in the Event Details tab and scroll down to expand the "Settings" section. There, you will see a variety of checkbox options. Select "Add Collaborators" then click "Save & Next."

3. A new section called "Collaborators" will appear further down the page. Expand that to see any existing collaborators. To add a new user, click "Add Collaborator" and enter the person's email and level of permission in the box that appears. Then, click "Save."

Note: For collaborators with Check-In permissions, they will immediately be brought to the Check-In feature upon login. Read more HERE.

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