What does a pop-up saying "Not Available" mean on the FOH?

Should you choose "Force" or "Cancel" when this window appears?

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You may see a pop-up window telling you the action you just tried to perform is Not Available. This means that based upon the rules and table layout that were set up for your restaurant, the action you are trying to perform should not be allowed. However, if you wish to perform it anyway, you can Force this through. If you do not want to proceed, click Cancel.

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This could be caused by a number of reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • The table you are trying to assign a booking to has too low or high a minimum or maximum number of pax in relation to the booking size

  • There may already be a booking assigned to the table. (Note: if you Force, it will swap the table assignments if you the booking already has an assigned table. It will not swap if you are assigning an unassigned booking and will allow you to double book the table instead.)

  • There are too many guests arriving at the seating time relative to your rules

  • The booking is being created with too short or too much notice relative to your rules

Hint: If you are frequently encountering this message, reach out to our team at support@rsvp-popup.com or via the chat button in the bottom righthand corner to see if we can recommend a change in rules.

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