Whether you are a first-time or frequent user of RSVP, the platform helps you to create a unique organiser profile page where you can list all your upcoming events. 

The profile includes: 

  • a detailed description of your organisation 

  • a cover picture 

  • a collection of all your upcoming events linked to that organisation 

The profile page link can then be easily shared and guests will have a complete overview of all your events to then book straight away. 

To set-up the page, please follow the steps:

 1.     Once logged in, go to the Profile Settings tab
 2.    Enter all information you have about your organisation. Make sure to add text in the description box and your organisation name in the URL to create a unique link

 3.     Upload your picture (dimensions 1200 px x 500 px)
 4.     (Optional) continue adding information in all required fields
 5.     Done! Your unique link will be https://www.rsvp-popup.com/hosts/organisationname

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