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Nope! Setting up a guest list is completely optional. That said, we recommend that you do set up a Guest List if you want to limit attendees to a specific set of guests.

Note: If you plan to send digital invitations via RSVPify, you will need to set up a Guest List but you always have the option to delete it to achieve the desired flow options outlined below.

Setting Up an 'Open Event' On RSVPify (No Guest List)

If you choose to not set up a Guest List on RSVPify, then your event will be 'open' (anyone with the link can register) and your guest registration flow will be similar to this:

Note that you can customize the number of choices in the 'Total in Your Party' and your guests will be asked to enter the names and accept / decline for the option that they choose. 

Setting Up a Guest List on RSVPify

That said, there are a number of features / advantages of setting up a Guest List on RSVPif. It enables you to prevent 'crashers' (only allow guests on your guest list to RSVP), track your guests as they RSVP (including invitation opens and bouncebacks if you send email invitations), dictate which specific guests should be allowed a +1, and who should be invited to your Secondary Event(s) (e.g. Rehearsal Dinner, Expert Panel / Breakout Session, Kiddush, etc.).  If you choose to set up a guest list, the registration flow will be similar to this:

Note that the Guest List security setting 'Allow only guests listed on your Guest List to RSVP' is enabled by default once a guest is added to the Guest List, which prevents unlisted and/or unwanted guests from RSVPing to your event. The below demonstrates what would happen were an unlisted guest were to attempt to RSVP to an event with this security option enabled: 

Please note that this 'error' message can be customized to whatever you'd like via Setup > Advanced Settings > Language. 

Guest List Security Option: 'Allow Only Listed Guests to RSVP'

If you were to disable the below setting while maintaining a guest list, this would open up your event to BOTH individuals on your Guest List and 'randoms' by setting 'Allow only listed guests to RSVP' to 'Off.' 

Once disabled, guests that aren't on your guest list (or misspell their name) would experience a registration flow similar to that of an event with no guest list (shown at the top of the page). When 'Off,' RSVPify will track listed guests in the Guest List tab, and unlisted guests will still be allowed to RSVP -- but their RSVP will only show in the 'RSVPs' and not the Guest List tab. If using a Guest List, however, we recommend adding ALL of your guests to the list for the best RSVPify experience for both you and your guests.

If you decide to set up a Guest List, please be sure to use our template. Do not remove or re-order any of the columns and leave the column headers exactly as they are. If you are not using Titles, simply leave the cells in Column A blank.

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