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Add an image of your event's location with Directions to your confirmation page

A lot of users contact us asking our advice of where they should include location information and directions for their event. While a lot of these details should go on the Welcome Text (via Setup > Form Design), that would not be the place to add a map and/or directions (but is the right place to include the address if you wish). 

The new WYSIWYG editor that our rockstar engineering team recently implemented has a lot of new functionality, including the ability to upload images and add external links to those images. As such, we're big fans of including a map image of your event's menu on the confirmation page. Here's a quick step by step walk through of how to accomplish just that:

Step 1: take a screenshot of your event's location typed into Google Maps

Note the command to select the area to select for your screenshot:

Mac Users: shift + command + 4

PC Users: see Microsoft's instructions

Step 2: Upload the map image to your event's confirmation page

Step 3: Get directions to your event venue and copy the web URL in the address bar

(see the red arrows) 

Step 4: Add a link to your image and paste the web URL with the directions


  • be sure that you've clicked on your image before clicking on the link icon
  • set the target to a 'new window'

Step 5: Submit a test RSVP to ensure guests are able to view the map & open the directions 


The great part about including the map and/or links to directions to your event is that your guests can bookmark this page and return to it as your event date approaches. 


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