To start posting an item, you can go to the home page and click on the Posting button. This will bring up the starting screen. From there, the process is as follows:

Page 1:

  • Enter in the item's name.
  • Select the main category (it can only be in one category).
  • Choose the related subcategory.
  • Add your location's address (this will be the pickup and return address).

Page 2:

  • This is an information page that will give you a sense of how the booking process works.

Page 3:

  • This page is completely dependent on what subcategory you selected.
  • All of these questions and answers will be displayed on the item's showcase under the instructions tab

Page 4:

  • You can edit your item's name if needed.
  • This is where you add your item's headline, which is a quick way to describe your item. This is limited to 60 characters max.
  • You must add a full description of the item as well. Add as must detail about your item as possible, especially anything that isn't clarified in your category questions
  • Upload a picture or video of your item. We recommend using a stock image as your feature picture and then real pictures of your item for the remaining.

Page 5:

  • This is another space for you to add instructions about your item in order to help the Renter. Even if the instructions seem obvious, it is better to have them there in case they are needed.
  • You can take a picture of a manual, upload a pdf, or upload a video showing how to use the item as well.

Page 6:

  • Add the quantity of the item that is available for rent.
  • Set the appropriate condition of the item (the renter will review this after the booking).

Page 7:

  • This is where you add in the logistic options for the item.
  • Add when you are available to deliver the item, or have the renter pick it up at your location.
  • When can you go pickup the item, or have them return it to you.

Page 8:

  • Select the cancellation policy for this item.
  • Click on the view details to read a quick blurb about how the policy works

Page 9:

  • Add in the pricing for your item, you need to have a minimum rate, and also one timed rate
  • You can create Special Rates if you want to have a weekend special price for your item.
  • If you have extra fees for your item (like a cleaning fee), this is where you add them. These fees are displayed on the showcase so that the renter is aware of them. Required fees means that the renter must pay it upon booking it and On Dispute means you can charge it after the booking if needed.

Page 10:

Choose your Protection level.

  • Full Coverage - Enter in the value of the item and it will show you the deductible and premiums based on the rates you added previously.
  • Deposit - Choose between the listed amounts you can use for a deposit. 
  • No Coverage - This means you will NOT be covered by our protection plan.

Once you finish posting your item, it is sent to us for review. After we approve it, it will show up in the marketplace! If it is not approved, we will contact you with suggested changes.

Keep in mind that the more detail you add to your posting, the more attractive it will look to potential renters! 

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