Yes, you can use your own event page. No, we don't support white labeling.

When you create an event on Run The World, it will automatically generate a promotional web landing page with all your event info and ticket registration. Most event hosts use this landing page to drive sign ups. However, if you have your own custom event page on your own site, you can easily bypass the auto-generated Run The World event page by embedding the URL of the ticket checkout link into your personal webpage.

Each ticket type has its own checkout URL. You can find the URL by scrolling down to the Tickets section of your RTW event page.

1. Click Get Ticket for Early Bird (or whatever ticket type).

2. Copy the URL of the early bird checkout page and embed it into your website for attendees to access directly.

3. Repeat for all ticket types!


This is the event page for The Next Mobility & Energy Conference created by the event host.

When interested buyers enter the site and click Buy in their registration page, they are redirected to the Run The World Checkout page for their corresponding ticket.

It's that easy! Good luck on your event.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions or concerns.

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