There are two types of link you can create within Seconds on iOS.

  1. Global Links (World Icon): The timer is shared on our companion website It becomes publicly available and a link is created which you can use to share the timer.
  2. Local Links (Device Icon): A special link is created which can only be used on the device used to share the timer. This link allows other apps on the device to open the timer directly within Seconds.

Creating either link is done by swiping right on the timer in the list and tapping the appropriate button.

This following video demonstrates sharing and installing timers with (please appreciate it's easier to update the information on this page rather than create new videos. This page will always have the most recent information):

In iOS 13 and later downloads do not open automatically in Safari. Instead you need to tap the Downloads icon next to the address bar and then select the file to open it.

On Android timer links can be created by tapping the Share button from the ActionBar within the timer editor.

Exporting multiple timers via a file

It is also possible to select many timers and export them via a file. You can use this file as a backup of your timers, or you can send it to a friend so that they can install your timers.

You can see this demonstrated in this following video for iOS (the Export icon now live in the navigation bar rather than the toolbar):

And for Android:

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