In Seconds version 3.17 we have added payment verification. This is the process where we take the digital receipt stored in your app and then send it to Apple to verify which products you have purchased with the currently logged in Apple ID.

If the currently logged in Apple ID is not the same as the Apple ID that downloaded the app you will receive the following error:

To resolve this issue you can, do as the message suggests and, log in as the Apple ID that actually downloaded the app to this device. Once using the correct Apple ID the receipt verification will work again. Be aware that moving forward will cancel the upgrade to any other accounts that this payment is connected to.

The alternative is to delete the app and download it again using the currently logged in Apple ID and then verify the receipt against that account. If this account has not purchased the upgrade, it will have to do so.

If you choose the latter method you should ensure that a backup of your timers exists.

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