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Importing CSV data into HeavySet
Importing CSV data into HeavySet

You are able to import most exported CSV data from other apps into HeavySet.

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The HeavySet import feature is designed to import a CSV file where each row represents one set of a workout. It can be used to import more than one set per row as in the case of the StrongLifts CSV format, but it is likely to be more error prone.

On the device with HeavySet installed you first need to attempt to open the CSV file. This could from exporting data from another app or by tapping on a CSV file that is attached to an email.

iOS will present a list of options to open the file, choose HeavySet.

HeavySet will open and present the Import screen (see below) where you can configure the import settings as well as assign what each of the fields in the CSV file represents.

The import settings come with some presets that can be used to quickly set up the fields for some other workout apps, though we recommend you double check these are still correct.

Once everything is configured correctly, tap the Import button in the navigation bar to import the data.

HeavySet Import Settings
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