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Can I request a safe drop?
Can I request a safe drop?
Written by Prikee Moratalla
Updated over a week ago

A safe drop is when Australia Post leaves the parcel in a safe place. Unfortunately, "safe place" is pretty subjective and sometimes mail gets stolen (left on the doorstep) or has been left in the wheelie bin. That's a recipe for disaster and not really the experience we're about. As a result, we have disabled safe drops on our shipments.

We recommend shipping to an address you will be at during the day, your workplace, or a PO Box. You can also have your parcel delivered to your preferred Parcel locker. Just indicate the Parcel locker address upon checkout.

If you order a lot online, you can sign up for a mail acceptance service that may be more convenient. Many co-working spaces will accept your mail for a small monthly fee.

If you're not at home to receive delivery, Australia Post will take your parcel to the nearest post office.

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