Important: to use Chromecast on your phone be sure to turn your phone sideways to see the Chromecast icon.

1. Set up your Chromecast device: Here's a quick guide.

2. Click the Chromecast icon: If the browser detects a Chromecast in the same network, the player will display the Chromecast icon. We also recommend pinning Chromecast icon to the Chrome toolbar for more convenience.

3. Choose your target device: A pop-up will appear next to the Chromecast icon in the Chrome toolbar. It will look for the devices and then click on one of the listed devices to start casting.

4. Control the stream: You can control the streamed video (set volume and subtitles, seek content, pause, play etc.) through the regular player controls in the browser.

5. Stop casting: To stop casting click on the cast icon in the player or Chrome tab directly and then select the currently playing device to stop.

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