How can I cancel my account?

Learn here how to perform the cancellation of your Ryte account.

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We're very sad that you don't wish to use Ryte anymore. But of course we're going to fulfill your cancellation request. Just send your cancellation to, and it will be performed ASAP by our dedicated Support-Team. Alternatively, you can use the in-tool-messenger to inform us about your cancellation.

After the cancellation is finished, you will receive a confirmation mail with all important details.

Important: we can only fulfill cancellation requests by the account owner. Managers and Members of a Ryte Account therefore need to reach out to the account owner in order to file a cancellation request.

If an account owner is no longer part of your organization, please reach out to us via the in-tool-messenger or, so we can transfer the account ownership to a Member or Manager in order to perform the cancellation.

Please note: there is a site for content creation ( who unintentionally display our company name in their profile settings. However, RYTR is a completely separate service from RYTE (, and we had people reach out to us in the past due to this mix-up.

Just in case you have the same experience, you can contact the RYTR support to communicate your cancellation request. This is their mail:

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