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How can I change the crawl speed?
How can I change the crawl speed?
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You can specify in the project settings how fast a crawl should be performed. The more parallel requests that can be made during the crawl, the faster the crawl will complete. Please pay attention to the capacity of your browser. We usually crawl with 1-10 parallel requests. If you want to increase the number, you first have to verify your domain.

Adjust number of parallel requests

Go to your project settings. Under the item "Project Setup" you can see directly how fast the analysis should run through. This is represented by the number of parallel requests. Move the slider to change the number.

It is also possible to make adjustments in the project settings under Advanced Analysis > How to analyze > How fast should the analysis run? Here, you can also change the number of parallel queries. In addition, you can also define a waiting time between the queries. By default, 0s are set here.


Verify domain

If you want to crawl with more than 10 parallel requests, you must first verify your domain. To do so, you have to upload the verification file in the root directory of your domain. You can download the verification file in the project settings.


Please note that a higher number of parallel requests also means a higher load on your server. If you are unsure of the load capacity of your server, we recommend that you increase parallel requests slowly.

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