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Connect your Google Search Console with Ryte via Easy Connect
Connect your Google Search Console with Ryte via Easy Connect

Find out how to get the most out of your GSC data with Ryte.

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You can connect your Google Search Console with Ryte and get everything out of your Google data. This article shows you how to connect your GSC with Ryte via Easy Connect and what you need to keep in mind.



To connect a GSC with Ryte, you need a Google Account. If you don't have one yet, you can create a Google Account here.

Linking via Easy Connect

In your project dashboard, you get to the Ryte Easy Connect by clicking on "Connect Google Search Console".

Via "Connect the Google Search Console" you can initiate the Easy Connect. If you do not have a Google account yet, you can also create one in the Easy Connect.

In the next step, you can see the URL of your Ryte project again, which serves as the basis for the connection with the Google Search Console. Therefore, please make sure that the URL of the Ryte project matches your GSC to be linked.

Also note that for the link, third-party cookies must be allowed in your browser settings.

Afterwards, you can select the Google account for the Easy Connect via "Grant access" and allow Ryte access.

Now you can select a GSC property for the Easy Connect.

Verify website ownership

If you have not yet created a GSC property that corresponds to your Ryte project, we will create a new one for you. Simply select the corresponding property and click on "Link selected property".

In order for us to create a property for you, the website ownership must be verified in the next step. You can choose between two verification types.

The recommended verification method is to insert a meta tag into the source code of your website. Once this is done, you can complete the verification.

Meanwhile, the alternate verification method uploads an HTML file to your website. After the upload, you can finalize the verification process.

Additional help: For both verification types, you can find a how-to in the Google Help Center. WordPress also has a great how-to for website verification services.

Filter imported data

If you already have a GSC or after your website ownership is verified, you can select to filter which data to import in the next step. You have the opportunity to filter by country and device. Then you can assign the selected property.

Please note: You can only filter the data to be imported during the initial Easy Connect of your Ryte project. If after the initial Easy Connect, your GSC connection is disconnected for any reason, you can no longer filter data to be imported during the reconnect. Also, imported data from the initial Easy Connect will be automatically taken over with every further reconnect.

Finish Setup

Congratulations! Once you have assigned the selected property, your GSC is connected to your Ryte project, and you can complete the setup. You will be brought back to your project dashboard where you can see your GSC data.


If you have problems connecting your GSC to Ryte, there are two main reasons:

  • Third party cookies are not allowed in your browser settings.

  • The domain or start page URL of your Ryte project does not match your GSC.

The following Help Center article discusses these two issues in detail:

If you need further assistance, our support heroes will be happy to help you. You can reach them in your In-Tool-Messenger or via

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