With our export function we offer the download of a CSV (Comma-separated values) file. When this file is opened in Excel, the spreadsheet looks like something went wrong. This is not an error that was generated during the export, but a visualization problem that can be easily solved.

1. download the CSV file you want to analyze

2. open an empty Excel spreadsheet

3. in Excel: Go to the tab "Data" -> "From Text" -> select CSV file you downloaded from RYTE -> click on Import

4. make sure that the file origin is set to "Unicode (UTF-8)" and then press "Next".

5. under "Separator", "Comma" should be selected, then press "Finish".

6. import data: Select where in the spreadsheet the data should be inserted and click on "Ok". Now you will see the exported data from RYTE Suite in separate columns and rows.

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