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I don’t see any properties in the Google Analytics property drop-down
I don’t see any properties in the Google Analytics property drop-down
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There can be various reasons why your Google Analytics Property can not be connected with the Ryte Platform.

1. Is it a Universal or an Analytics 4 Property?

We do not support Google Analytics 4 (yet), so currently only Universal Properties can be connected. Therefore, please check which property you have. To do so, log in to Google Analytics (here) and open the list of your properties (as shown in the screenshot).

If you don't have a Universal Property, you can create one as follows:

  1. Click on "Create Property" in the account.

  2. Fill in the fields and click on "Show advanced options".

  3. Check "Create a Universal Analytics property".

  4. Optional: Enable "Just create Universal-Analytics Property"

  5. Paste the website URL into the field and make sure that "Enable advanced measurement interactions on your websites ...." is checked.

Then click "Next" to confirm.

Note: The UA property tag must also be included on your website in order for it to capture metrics and share them with Ryte.

2. Does the connected Google Account have the correct permissions?

The Google Account connected to Ryte needs at least read permissions on the property you want to connect. The best way to check this is in the Property Access Management, as described in the screenshots.




Once the permissions have been granted, a new analysis must also be started so that we can retrieve the data from Google.

If you need further help regarding your Google Analytics connection, please contact us via the messenger in our platform or mail to Our support heroes will be happy to help you!

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