Do you see no properties in the drop-down in Project Settings > Google Services when trying to connect your Google Analytics with Ryte?

There can be various reasons why your Google Analytics Connection is not working as it should. I would say, we just go through the steps together to rule out one problem after the other 😁💪

STEP 1 - Google Analytics 4?

Please go into your Google Analytics account and check if your property is using Google Analytics 4? This is important because we don't support GA4 yet. If yes, please create a universal GA Property which we can connect to Ryte. The best way to do this is to follow these steps (see also screenshot attached):

  • Click on "Create Property" in the account.

  • Fill in the fields and click on "Show advanced options".

  • Check "Create a Universal Analytics property".

  • Paste the website URL into the field and make sure that "Enable advanced measurement interactions on your websites ...." is checked.

Then click "Next" to confirm.

Note: The UA property must also be included on your website in order for it to capture metrics and share them with Ryte.

STEP 2 - Permissions?

Additionally, you would need to check if the Google account you have connected to Ryte is also present in the access management of the Analytics property (which you want to connect). In addition, the account connected to Ryte must also have the appropriate permissions for the property. To check this, please select the UA property in Google Analytics that you want to connect and open the access management. Is the connected account listed there, and does it have at least read/view permissions? This is important because if the permissions are missing in GA, the property will not show up in the dropdown at Ryte. I have also attached 3 screenshots of how to check the permissions and assign them if necessary.

After the adjustments, you should be able to select the corresponding property in Ryte (under Project Settings > Google Services). After that, please run a new analysis to retrieve and display the data from the universal property.

If further action is needed in regard to your Google Analytics connection with Ryte, please contact us via your in-tool-messenger or Our Support-Heroes will be happy to assist!

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