Status codes of the 4xx variety are sent by servers when they cannot find a requested page. The most common code of the 4xx variety is 404 – “not found”.

A 404 error doesn’t just lead to a subpar user experience, it might lead to problems with your search engine rankings as well. The more 404 errors pop up on a domain, the less trustworthy a site becomes – 404 errors make the website appear badly maintained.

To help you clean up any 404 errors on your domain your Ryte Website Success Tool allows you to filter specifically for errors of the 4xx variety. To filter for those errors just follow these steps:

  1. Open Website Success -> Indexability -> Status Codes

  2. 4xx errors are marked red – click on the red bar (4xx) in the status codes graphics

Depending on the affected site solutions for 4xx errors may vary. Popular fixes include temporary (302) and permanent (301) forwards.

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